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At Mann Capital Management, we specialize in helping people who are in a period of transition. Whether that be changing jobs, having a child, starting a business, planning for retirement or even leaving a legacy, we are here to help. 

We strive to educate, advocate and enhance our clients' ever-changing financial lives. Our goal is to become a lifetime resource for the people we serve.


Retirement Planning


​Planning for retirement is a journey. Whether you are at the beginning of a new career or ready to hang your hat and retire from your life's work, each stage is of equal importance. It really all boils down to a few key factors--

Investment Advisory


A conversation about your investment portfolio should take into account the planning that you have done in a broader perspective. Each investment has a unique purpose in your overall financial strategy. 

Risk Management


Having a solid financial strategy includes addressing risks that can keep a family or business from achieving financial goals. Analyzing a client's risk is critically important and at the foundation of what we do. 

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