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Are your investment plans focused on your most current desires and concerns? How often do you review these goals? We believe it is important to consider how an investment portfolio is allocated within a broad perspective. Your personal financial goals, time frame, tax situation, tolerance to risk, health and income needs are all critical factors to crafting a customized investment recommendation.

Our Process
Our Process

No two families look the same, nor do their financial pictures. This means there are no blanket strategies that fit every family. When we sit down with our clients and potential clients, it is our job is to get a better understanding of what you are looking to accomplish and the time frame you have set.


If there is an area that we believe could help you be more efficient in your planning, we will make that recommendation and equip you with the information to make a confident decision. Sometimes though, after reviewing your current situation, we see that it is in your best interest to continue on the path that you are on. We are here to serve you and to ensure that your current path is designed to lead smoothly to your future goals. Using this perspective has allowed us to give our clients a greater confidence in their investment strategy. 



There are many goals a family may have for their investment plans including retirement, college funding, estate planning and wealth accumulation. After determining an appropriate investment proposal to align with your goals, the next step is choosing an investment vehicle to give you the best chance of success. 


As registered representatives of Lincoln Financial Securities, our broker-dealer, has given us independence from company products and directives thus allowing us flexibility and freedom in a wide array of investment choices. This open architecture is very important, allowing us to truly work for you rather than a specific company. 


Some of the products and services we can offer in an investment program include:


Mutual Funds





College Funding

Professionally Managed Money

General Brokerage


Regular Reviews of Your Strategy

Once you have a strategy in place, it is important to review it from time to time. Our team stays in touch with you throughout the year as we believe it is our duty to our clients to have at least annual reviews.


Life brings change and we believe that regular reviews of your financial strategy, like maintenance on your car, gets the most mileage out of your investments and may prove more profitable in the end.


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