Risk Management


Having a solid financial strategy includes addressing risks that can keep a family or business from achieving their financial goals. Analyzing our client's risk is critically important and at the foundation of what we do. Evaluating the risks and financial goals of a family or business, we find appropriate solutions. 


At Mann Capital Management, we can help you minimize your potential risks through Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance and assessing your Investment Risks.

Life Insurance
Replacement of income, protection for a family & insuring key employees.

Life Insurance can be an overwhelming topic for many families and business owners, but it is of too great an importance to overlook. What if a family lost an income source? Is social security enough to care for your kids if something happened? If your business lost a key employee, would it operate at the same level of success? Life Insurance can be setup in different forms and may be a potential solution to address these types of questions. 

Protection of what may be your greatest asset, the ability to work.


Some say that your ability to bring home a paycheck is one of your biggest assets. If you lost your ability to perform your job or even portions of your job, would your financial picture change? Most people answer "yes". This is why having disability insurance can be important for you and those who depend on your income.


Disability Insurance
Investment Risks
For every investment there are certain levels of risk.

Unfortunately there is no such thing as a perfect investment, if there were everybody would own it! Each investment does carry risk that needs to be evaluated. This can be anything from risk of the stock market, changes in interest rates, rising costs of goods, the ability to turn your investment into cash, tax changes and even outliving your money. A conversation about investments should address the risks that you face as an investor. 

Long Term Care Insurance
Providing protection from the rising costs of care. 


What would happen to your retirement plan if you or your spouse became ill and needed permanent care? Is your budget ready to handle the potential medical expenses that come with growing older? Long term care insurance can come in a few forms and could potentially provide for these scenarios.