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Retirement Planning Strategies


Retirement planning is as personalized as an individual's retirement goals. The key factors are INCOME and TIMING. For many, retirement is something that they will worry about "later". Our goal at Mann Capital Management is to help you realize the value in planning for the "later" rather than waiting for it.  


Whether you are beginning a new career, deciding your own company's retirement offerings or preparing to hang your hat and retire from your life's work, each stage is of equal importance. Retirement Planning is about creating a dependable source of income for you and your family when it is time to stop working. We can help you define your goals and measure them, no matter what stage of the retirement planning timeline you are currently in.

Retirement Planning
Retirement Planning Basics

When looking at an individual's retirement plan, there are several factors that come in to play. We consider the investment time frame, the individual's tolerance to risk, tax situation, need for cash, and overall financial situation. This allows us to design a suitable investment proposal tailored to incorporate your persoanlized financial goals. 


Starting to save early is as important as ever. For individuals invested inside a qualified retirement plan we can help you determine how to allocate your investments and formulate a savings plan designed to meet your budget. 


If you are retiring soon or are in retirement already, income planning is critical. When is the best time to take social security? Does the government require distributions? What are the chances that I outlive my savings? These are difficult questions to tackle and we can help you find the answers. 

Changing Jobs

Changing Jobs / IRA Rollovers

With a job change, you know what it is to see the benefit of one company over another. With our open architecture, we are able to offer you the same benefits in your retirement planning. We have the freedom to access a wide variety of investment options, enabling our team to customize a personalized investment strategy designed to meet your retirement goals.


A career or job change can present new challenges and opportunities for your retirement planning. Should you keep your assets where they are or consider something different? What are the pros and cons of each choice? How will this complement my new plan going forward?


You may be asking yourself these questions while assessing your options. Consider a rollover or transfer to your own Individual Retirement Account. An IRA can potentially offer you the flexibility of investment choice in your account. 

Best for Business

For Your Business

A business owner faces a unique set of challenges as both an employer and an employee of their business. You want to take responsible care of your employees as they are the ones that take care of your clients, but how best to do so?


Some factors to consider include:


  • How many eligible employees do I have?

  • Is matching or profit sharing a possibility?

  • How does my type of business entity affect what I can offer? 

  • How will my proposed retirement plans be affected by my  future plans for business growth?

  • Can I offer benefits for key employees?


We can help you navigate these and other questions as you do what is best for your business and your employees. 

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